2017 Art Exhibition Registration

Art Exhibition is sponsored by:

Paintings: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolour

Drawings: Pen & Ink, Charcoal, Pencil, Colour Pencil, Intaglio, Serigraphy, Lithography & Other, Traditional Printmaking Mediums, Stone
Sculpture & Mixed Media: Relief & Freestanding, Collage; Dye on Silk; Batik; other
Photography: Traditional & Digital photography

Meet & Greet Opening
All artists are asked to be at our free Sunday afternoon Meet & Greet Tea, WRF Art Gallery Opening at Seaway Mall from 3 to 5pm, Sunday June 4. This is a great place to meet the public and discuss your work as well as a platform for networking. Coffee, tea, fresh fruit and pastries will be supplied.

People's Choice Award
1st Place: $1000
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $250

Award Gala
Patti's Place on Friday, June 9th - 8pm to 10pm.
Tickets: $15

Friday May 26 Deadline for Submissions
Saturday June 3 Drop Off at Seaway Mall - 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday June 4 Meet & Greet High Tea - 3:00 p.m.
Friday June 9 Tear Down - 4:00 p.m.
Friday June 9 Award Gala - 8:00 p.m.

Cost: $15 per piece

Conditions of Entry
1. The WRF Art Exhibition is open to artists living in Niagara of 18 years and older
2. Deadline and registration fee is due by Friday May 26
3. Drop off at the Seaway Mall Centre Court. Saturday June 3 6-8pm
4. Entry Fee: $15.00 per piece.
5. Artists may submit up to 5 original works not previously entered in the WRF show.
6. Artwork must remain on display for the duration of the show and may be photographed for future promotional purposes.
7 .Payment options: Cash made in person to the Welland Rose Festival Office. Cheque, Welland Rose Festival Inc.
8. Artist can put the artwork for sale with NO COMMISSION taken by WRF.
9. Art Exhibition organizers reserve the right to accept or reject art work if it might be considered in poor taste or offensive to the general public visiting the Seaway mall.
10. All works to be hung on art boards must be mounted or framed and have wire and label attached securely to the back.
11. Sculptors please supply your own pedestals.
12. Please pick up your art work Friday June 9 at 4:00 p.m. Sharp.
13. Art previously exhibited at the Rose Festival Art Gallery will not be accepted.
14. All works must be framed and suitably equipped for hanging on our rod and clamp system. Wall nails are not used. Canvas wrapped stretcher frames are acceptable.
15. Each picture must have rings or screw eyes on both sides at the back of the picture, placed not more than 6" down from the top of the frame (so that the picture does not lean out from the wall) and the wire (in its hung position) at least 3" below the top of the frame (so that the clamp will not show). When work is very small put eyes 3” down. If very large put eyes ¼ of way down from top.
16. Wet pictures, faulty or poorly wired frames will not be accepted for entry. A sufficient gauge of wire and screw eyes for the weight of the artwork must be properly mounted. Single strand wire or wire substitutes will not stand up to the handling required in an art show. Artists are responsible for any damage caused by failed hanging equipment.
17. Works less than 16” by 20” may be double hung.
18. Only original work (that is, no copies of works by other visual artists, whether paintings, photographs, illustrations or classroom works which have been demonstrated on by instructors) may be submitted.
19. The IDENTIFICATION LABEL provided must be affixed to the BACK lower left corner of the work.
20. Insurance is provided to protect the art work from vandalism and theft. A value must be given for all works submitted. In the event of a loss, verification of the value of art work will be required. All reasonable care will be exercised in handling entries while at the Rose Festival Gallery. The gallery is not responsible for accidental breakage of glass or other fragile article damage, including frames.
21. The Gallery is a busy, public hallway. All works that are not oil or acrylic must be protected either by glass, Plexiglas, or a coating on the media itself. Encaustic works must be hard or coated. Plexiglas must be used in place of glass if any side dimension exceeds 40”. Artists must identify on the front of the artwork if Plexiglas has been used.
22. Art shows at the Rose Festival Art Gallery should not be entered unless the art work can be delivered and picked up on the required date and time (or arrangements made to do so with someone else). There is no secure storage and no insurance coverage after the pick up date and time. If, however, due to extenuating circumstances, work does get left, it may be picked up by appointment with the gallery administrator, Alex Bacso.
23. All works must be signed out before leaving the premises.
24. Wrapped canvases should have finished edges.

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