Aluminism - intense elements

Panels of aluminium are the foundation of Aluminism. A Specialized process utilizes the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water. The artwork is topped with a high-gloss finish. This allows the light to penetrate through the layers of colour and refract off the abrasions in the aluminium to create a stunning illusion.


If you're interested in any of the pieces below, or anything that isn't listed, please feel free to contact Baxo

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Illusion of Civilization


Aurora Swirl

Niagara Sunset


Tropical Sunset

The Rose

Aurora Rain

Green Granite

Nebula Maximus

The Hand

About Baxo

Baxo was born February 7th, 1984 in Hungary. He lived in the town of Apagy until he was 8. At an early age he was showing signs of creativity and interest in his environment.

In 1992 Baxo moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with his parents and two siblings. Adapting to a new environment and learning a new language was a challenge, but one he could easily overcome.

A few years later, Baxo and his family moved again to Welland, Ontario, Canada. He discovered that his artistic ability can evolve from paper and pencil to a digital form. He started experimenting with various software and explored the world of graphic design. His graphic design abilities carried him through elementary school and high school. In high school he discovered 3D software and started developing 3D graphics. He loved it so much that he decided he wanted to get into 3D animation.

After he graduated high school in 2002, Baxo wanted to go to college for animation, but he knew there was an overwhelming demand for students wanting to take that course. He took an introductory art course at that college first. He figured if he was in that college already, he'd have better chances at getting into animation the following year. In the art fundamentals course, he learned a lot about various forms of art. He deveolped a skill in painting. After he finished art fundamentals, he applied for animation. However, he did not get in.

Not getting into animation led Baxo on a quest to prove to himself that he can become successful without formal education. In an unsuspected twist of events, he ended up having a carreer in programming. His thinking slowly evolved from not only creative but being technical as well. For the following 8 years the technical side of Baxo seemed to dominate. However, in 2011 he decided to get back in touch with his creative side. So he started to paint.

After painting a few abstract pieces on canvas, he realized that it wasn't giving him a bold and sleek look he was envisioning in his mind. One day he went to visit his parents, and noticed his dad was working on a utility trailer on the driveway. His dad was grinding old paint off the metal and Baxo noticed something in the way the sunlight struck the exposed piece of metal. They way the light danced off the metal seemed magical. He immediately wondered what it would be like to have patterns like that underneath the paint instead of the boring canvas.

Baxo started experimenting with a bunch of scrap metal his dad had lying around. Creating various shapes and patterns with different tools. After a lot of experimenting, he realized aluminum was the best option as his new 'canvas'. He then went to a local metal supply store and bought a bunch of sheets of aluminum. He then began to experiment with different kinds of paints and chemicals to see what kinds of reactions he'd get with the metal.

After years of experimenting, his style's come a long way and deserving of its own name: Aluminism.

News & Events

Come meet Baxo at the following events:

Art Lovers Show & Soiree - February 12th-15th 2016

Late Winter/Early Spring Group Show - March 9th - April 30th 2016

Pelham Art Festival - May 6th-8th 2016

Welland Rose Festival - June 5th-10th 2016


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